Streamlining Online Benefit Administration

Focus on what you do best — and let us provide full portal management with 1Enroll.

1Enroll is an online benefit administration system that supports you wherever you are, whenever clients need you.

Avoid the hassle and issues related to outdated methods by switching to a seamless, easy to use online system. Our benefit administrators add invaluable human resources and management skills to ensure your clients’ complete satisfaction. Our dedicated team approach is served with expertise and efficiency, allowing us to build relationships and customer loyalty on your behalf and in your name.

1Enroll Digital Documents

Worried about how to transition from your client’s paper-based process to a software-based digital solution? We’ve got you covered!

During the onboarding process, we analyze the current process and create a streamlined, paperless solution to help you scale and simplify. We will also conduct a payroll and carrier bill audit to ensure the correct charges apply.

With 1Enroll, we use Employee Navigator, the benefit administration service you already know and trust, servicing over 1,200 brokers with 27,000 employers and 5 million lives.

With our easy-to-use platform, we’ll handle your initial: